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OpColour Light 1.0

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When you look at icons on the Mac, you'll notice that the file names are surrounded by white boxes, yes?

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And when you put 20 icons on your desktop, these white boxes become rather obnoxious, especially since they cover up that cool desktop picture on your screen, no?

Those white boxes may make reading file and folder names easy, but they look pretty dated in the world of the translucent iMac.

Enter OpColour Light.

While it won't provide a complete cure for the white box blues, it's a step in the right direction.

OpColour Light changes the type under your icons to white and makes the icon's white text box translucent! (This works great as long as the desktop pattern or desktop picture is dark. If you prefer a white desktop, the icon names are unreadable, and currently there is no way to control the color of the icon name.)

Having the ability to change the color of the type would be a very cool feature, indeed. With a little bit of development work, OpColour Light could be a great extension.

Even with its limitations, however, OpColour Light has become a staple of the PowerBook. For something totally different, set your desktop to white and watch the file names vanish!


OpColour Light color light will run on both PowerPC and 68K machines.