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PBS - Mysteries of Deep Space

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Explore the cosmos and venture where no one has gone before ...

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See the planets of our own solar system, and peer into the far reaches of space, where countless new world await ...

Explore the wonders and mystery of the universe's best-kept secrets, like black hole and supernova phenomena ...

In short, take a journey into space with a PBS "Mysteries of Deep Space" screen saver. Only one PBS Screen Saver may be used in the control panel at a time. If you want to have more than one available, you should keep them in a separate folder on the hard drive, the desktop, or wherever the most convenient spot is.

Place the unstuffed copy of the screen saver in the Control Panels folder of your System Folder.

Turn off any other screen savers that may be running. Restart your computer.

You can trash the .sit file once the screen saver has been extracted.