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Screener 2.3

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Screener is the first high-quality real-time 3D screen saver for the Mac.

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Anybody knows that screen savers are not really useful, but they are nice.

What about a new generation of screen savers?

Tired of looking at the same, flat, 2D screen saver?

You've got a brand new G3 or G4, and you want a screen saver that really uses the power of the ATI Rage 128?

What about having cool animations, all of which will stun your PC friends who still use the standard "Windoze" screen saver, with all of that jerky 3D text animation?

The answer is Screener. Screener a real-time 3D screen saver that features great performance for the Mac. All you need is a PowerMac with 3D acceleration!

The Screener screen saver is provided with a variety of screen modules: The exclusive French Touch cow in a typical French landscape; a space ship lost in the middle of an asteroid field; a walking Mech straight out from the upcoming "Lords of Steel" game, and Emily, the first 3D animated bunny for your desktop.

Create your own modules! Easily create your own screen saver modules using Infinity Model Builder, the French Touch 3D edtiting program!

The possibilities are infinite! You're only limited by your imagination!


System requirements: To be able to use Screener, you need: a PCI PowerMacintosh - a G3 (all G3 Power Macintoshes have ATI 3D chips on board) or a PCI PowerMacintosh with a 3D accelerator card is highly recommended. System 7.1 or later. QuickDraw 3D Rave. the Appearance Manager.