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PictFader 2.0

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PictFader is screen saver for MacOS that displays slide shows of images in PICT, JPEG (including raw format) and GIF formats.

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It also supports the playing of Quicktime and MPEG (PowerPC-eqipped Macs only) movies, so you can now watch your favorite movie trailers as screen savers.

Features include the ability to search whole volumes for suitable files, an automatic detection feature for identifying corrupt files, and some nice gamma fade effects.

It is an application, allowing you to quit using it whenever you like (unlike other screen savers on the market). You can also relaunch it later.

It also uses efficient memory management techniques, allowing it to operate with 800k or less RAM (depending on your Mac's hardware, and whether virtual memory is on).

However, it can display multi-megabyte files, as long as there is enough unused RAM on your Mac.

Details are in the read me that accompanies PictFader.


Minimum Requirements: A Macintosh/ Mac-Compatible with at least the following features: Motorola 68020 processor or PowerPC 601 or greater. System 7.1 or greater. QuickTime (QT) 1.5 ( QT 2.0 or greater preferable ) for JPEG pictures. QT 2.5 is required for displaying GIF images. A Macintosh equiped with a PowerPC is required for playing MPEG movies. 240 to 800 K Ram and 650 K disk space. PictFader supports Navigation Services on Mac OS 8.5 or greater, and it is compatible with the Energy Saver Control Panel and Power Manager.