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MoonSked 1.0.8

file size: 2.60 MB

MoonSked is amateur radio moonbounce software.

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Classic / OS X
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It provides real-time tracking and prediction and calculates the optimum time for moonbounce contacts between any two stations.

MoonSked features include:

  • An easy interface that allows rapid choice of suitable date and time for EME schedules.
  • Home station location from the map control panel.
  • 144MHz/432MHz/1296MHz doppler shift between stations and 144MHz/432MHz background sky temperature.
  • MoonSked tracks Sun, radio stars, or any celestial object.
  • Database of stations, Macintosh or DOS format of DIR.SKD file (CR or CR/LF).
  • Display of grid from latitude/longitude input.
  • Moon elevation correction for parallax and correction for Earth's oblateness.
  • Spatial polarity and maximum non reciprocity.
  • Shows split of DGR in terms of additional sky noise and distance.
  • Integrates Prediction window with Schedules window allowing auto sked entry.
  • Presents a real-time world map that shows moon footprint/home and DX stations/sun and moon/moon phase and a sky noise map.

New in version 1.3.1:

  • New improved Predictions Window (Now called Sked Maker).
  • New Call Finder for finding call signs from partial calls, and it checks if stations found have moon.
  • Choice of big/small world map. (set in miscellaneous tab panel in Preferences).
  • You can now keep all windows open if you like.
  • Moon Position window now shows which sequence you are on (TX or RX).
  • Choice of 1, 2, or 2.5 minute periods and east/west station (Preferences/Miscellaneous).
  • New 'Home Location ' Icon button; this quickly changes stations A and B to your Home QTH.
  • New 'Today' button; this quickly changes the start and finish dates for today and calculates the moon preds right away.
  • Next day; adds one day and calculates for the next day.
  • Next weekend; sets start and finish to next Saturday/Sunday, and calculates.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Once you register MoonSked PPC, you will get free upgrades, support and a code to disable the reminder messages that will otherwise appear at regular intervals. In order to let you try the software, the software is not feature-disabled, however, some parts only run for a few minutes in each session.