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Bartender's Friend 2.0

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Bartender's Friend is a Macintosh program that helps you find quality drinks quickly.

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2 weeks
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  • An inventory list of more than 90 ingredients.
  • 200 quality drink recipes.
  • The ability to browse all drink recipes, or view only those you have the ingredients to make.
  • The ability to display drinks by ingredients or category.
  • The ability to sort all recipe lists either alphabetically or randomly.
  • The ability to search for a word in the drink's name.
  • The ability to add a comment to any drink recipe.
  • The ability to start a list of your favorites.
  • Many helpful bartending tips.
  • And it's easy to use!

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Minimum system requirements: 68030, PowerPC, or better processor; 1 MB of free RAM; System 7.5 or better; color monitor capable of 640x480 resolution at 256 colors. Suggested system: PowerPC; 2MB of free RAM; MacOS 8.1 or better; color monitor capable of 640x480 resolution at thousands of colors.