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BeerMeister 3.0

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Organize your favorite beer recipes in a database designed specifically for home-brewing enthusiasts.

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14 Days
Classic / OS X
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This includes table entries not only for ingredients and instructions, but also for color, style of beer, bitterness, required experience level, personal notes and brewing logs.

The database is searchable by any field, so if you've got leftover ingredients, you can quickly find something to brew with them.

There are a few hundred recipes packaged in XML sets. They're free, and can be imported into BeerMeister, or your own XML-compatible software.

Version 1.1 adds a beer creation style guide for making new recipes. Save recipes as editable text files, and when you start BeerMeister, it will remember the last search or sort you used and bring it back up.

With version three import and export is now done using XML so recipes can be shared more easily with other applications or via the Web. The recipe creation guide is based on XML to make it easier to modify style templates. Saving to file and printing is much more customizable, including field selection and styled output.