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MoviePhile 3.5.5

file size: 6.02 MB

MoviePhile is a database that's useful for keeping track of your video collection - whether it consists of movies (any format), tapes of television shows, home movies or QuickTime movies.

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It's a stand-alone database (as in, no other software is required).


  • VHS label printing
  • QuickTime Movie Import and Playback
  • Scheduling reminders (for when you don't want to miss that important event)
  • Tons of useful fields
You can enter, search and sort information about movie titles, casts, ratings, your personal evaluation of the movie, its genre, whether it's Widescreen or Pan & Scan, and more.

If you taped it off of an alternate source, you can enter data as to what that source was and whether there are commercials on the tape. You can also add the quality and speed of the recording.

Do you loan your movies out from time to time? You don't have to wonder anymore who has them - let MoviePhile take care of that for you.

Do you have to use all of these features for MoviePhile to be of use to you? No. If all you want is something to keep track of the movies in your collection and who they are on loan to, MoviePhile is great for that.

All the other features are gravy.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.