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L'Astrologue 5.1

file size: 2.39 MB

This program computes, draws and interprets natal charts.

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Classic / OS X
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It can be used by professional or amateur astrologers or by people who want to create their own charts.


  • Computes and draws a chart in less than half a second
  • Computes planets and house positions within one arc minute
  • Contains tropical or sidereal charts
  • Provides an integrated Atlas with more than 40,000 cities with time zone information, user's default city and complete management
  • A choice of Placidus or Porphyre house systems
  • Mean Lunar Nodes, Lilith, and Part of Fortune
  • Distribution of planets and other objects in cardinal, mutable, fire, earth, I types
  • Determination of a Ruling planet
  • A "Here & Now" chart computed for the current date, time and a user's default city
  • Printout the completed chart
  • Includes sample charts of well-known people

New in version 3.1:

  • Correction of some translation mistakes in the interpretation texts
  • Users can now zoom their charts for screens that are able to handle a 800 X 600 resolution
  • Default chart setting in the Preferences Menu
  • Planet and house longitudes are optionally displayed on the charts (800 X 600 resolution only)
  • New buttons in 800 X 600 resolution
  • Bug that prevented L'Astrologue to end properly when the user shut down his computer is fixed


The unregistered version of L'Astrologue only computes for years ending in zero.