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StevePerfect 5.0

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The purpose of StevePerfect is to have a simple typing interface that is slightly more useful then Apple's Simpletext.

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Classic / OS X
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It also supports the latest Macintosh advances that Apple has yet, including themes, Internet access, true WorldScript support, a music player capable of playing MP3s or QuickTime audio (with QuickTime v4.1), a movie viewer for QuickTime files and VCDs, live Internet media content and a really easy user interface.

StevePerfect is intended for novice users or other users who don't mind a simple interface to type in the language they prefer.

This program is not recommended for the power user, who likes a boring-looking desktop.

StevePerfect supports the basic typing features: Font, Style, Color, Size, Search, Save, Open and Find. It also includes some new features, such as quick-button links to Quicktime media content and your default Web browser (the later only supported in MacOS 9).

StevePerfect is completely balloon-help compatible, and also features a help system. It also uses Apples new Open/Save windows, otherwise known as Navigation Services.

Themes support is included, and is geared toward the user installing Kaleidoscope and the Aqua II Scheme.

Most themes tested worked fine, but there are some problems with the text on the Kaleidoscope scheme buttons. Testing out your favorite scheme is the best way to see how it works.

StevePerfect works with most Mac OS X Aqua themes, so try those out, too. There is a picture of one on the site.

StevePerfect also works with Apple's language software. One user has reported that it can type Arabic, and another user reported success with Chinese. (We assume this means it works in other languages as well.)StevePerfect can also correctly print other languages besides English.

Please read the documentation for more information.


Requirements: At least: System 7.5.5; Applescript; 9 megs of free memory; 1500k of hard disk space; Screen Resolution of 800 X 600 (iBook size) but 1024 X 768 is best; Quicktime 4.1.2. For some features you need at least: Internet Connection (56k or faster highly recommended); Internet Config (Installed in MacOS 8 and above by default); PowerPC processor (For playing MP3 files while you work); Mac OS 9; Sherlock 1 or 2; Web Browser; Navigation Services library (MacOS 8.1 or higher); MacOS Aqua Scheme (To make StevePerfect look like OS X Aqua); Worldscript software (Comes with MacOS 8.5 and above to type in other languages then English); An iDisk. StevePerfect has been tested on MacOS 8.1 and above. Anything below that must be used at the user's own risk.