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iRemember 2.0.1

file size: 1.76 MB

Forget to bookmark that great Web page and now you can't find it?

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30 Days
Classic / OS X
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Do you use Netscape Navigator, wishing it kept your browsing history?

Use more than one browser and wish there was one place you could go to find any page you visited?

iRemember is a revolutionary new application for keeping track of your Web browsing history, solving all of these problems.

Using Apple's Information Access Toolkit (AIAT is also used by Sherlock), iRemember indexes all of the words in every Web page you visit. Later, when you want to revisit any page you've visited in the past, you only need to type in a couple of words that describe that page to quickly return to it.

iRemember also keeps a history of all of the pages that you visited inchronological order, so you can easily look for a Web page you visited on a particular day.