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WebWhacker is an offline browsing tool that helps you make a collection of bits of the World Wide Web that you can store on your hard drive.

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Then, when you have time, you can open those bits when you're offline and do whatever work you need to do.

You can save text, Java applets, sound and video clips, links, graphics, and whatever else you can grab onto.

Saving them to your hard drive is known as "whacking."

In addition to making this collection, you can schedule WebWhacker to perform automatic, unattended updates.

All the information you collect with WebWhacker is kept in a database that you can sort according to categories and subcategories.

You can conduct Boolean searches through that database to locate particular information.

Please read the documentation for more detailed information.


System requirements: 68030 or higher class machine and System 7.1 or greater. WebWhacker uses Macintosh drag-and-drop, included in System 7.5. Extensions for drag-and-drop must be added to System 7.1. An active Internet connection with a Winsock-compliant network product (Open Transport or MacTCP) is needed. Additional requirements: 8 MB RAM (additional memory makes WebWhacker run faster); 10 MB free hard drive space (2 MB for the program; 8 MB for whacked site; additional space if you use a large WebWhacker database file); TCP/IP connection with SLIP, PPP or direct connectivity; a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer version 2.0 or higher; Netscape Navigator version 1.1b3 or later; enhanced Mosaic version 2.0 or later; or other Spyglass SDI-compliant browser. Also needed are a 14.4 modem (or higher speed link); Internet Config 1.3 or higher (if user uses Internet Config feature within WebWhacker 2.0). The amount of time required to transfer data to the server will vary depending on the speed of your connection and the amount of data being transferred.