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YSpeak 1.3

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YSpeak provides numerous functions that eases the work which the user has to perform.

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It speaks typed text in any of 25 voices, both male and female. The user has a choice of having the text spoken word-by-word, by line, by sentence, or when requested by the user.

The text can be customized in any of the available fonts and font sizes, colors and styles. iBook users will like the inverted text option that lets others read the text when the iBook display is folded back. The text may also be displayed in negative form.

YSpeak contains 2 dictionaries, one with 1000 of the most commonly used words, and one with 25,000 words. When the user starts typing, YSpeak instructs the dictionaries to look for the words and to display possible selections in a separate window. YSpeak also attempts to predict the next word to be typed.

Other features included in YSpeak:

  • Five word lists that allow up to 35 words to be entered by typing a single key.
  • An on-screen keyboard for those who have difficulty using a standard keyboard.
  • Forty-two on-screen buttons that speak user-defined phrases that may be entered phonetically, allowing the use of any language.
  • The ability to save to a Disk File in a format that can be read by all word processing programs.

When not in use for a period of time, the program also provides a screen saver that is compatible with energy-saving devices on laptop and desktop computers.

YSpeak is designed to be easy to use. The functions can be accessed by pull-down menus, through on-screen buttons, or with the use of the Function keys. Previous settings are stored and load when the program starts, or they can be cleared by pressing one key.

In addition, YSpeak can be customized by users to better fit their particular needs.

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for much more detailed instructions and information.


YSpeak is designed to run on the Apple iBook laptop and on any Macintosh laptop, iMac or desktop computer with a minimum screen resolution of 800x600 pixels. YSpeak is fully compatible with Apple's disability extensions to the operating system. More information on these is available at: