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KeyStrokes 3.1

file size: 7.37 MB

KeyStrokes can be used anywhere you would normally use a hardware keyboard.

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15 days
Classic / OS X
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Use Keystrokes with applications, dialog boxes - whatever suits your fancy!

Keystrokes also allows you to shift/option/command/control click.

KeyStrokes main features:

  • Intelligent, self-learning, language-independent word prediction.
  • Create multiple dictionaries for different languages or different subjects.
  • KeyStrokes learns your vocabulary by learning from text files and importing/exporting of dictionaries.
  • Record commonly used phrases and invoke them through an abbreviation.
  • PowerPC acceleration for more speed and compatibility.
  • Use a button-bar to perform common actions.
  • Shrink/Expand KeyStrokes with a single click on one of the button-bar buttons.
  • Multiple keyboard sizes.

Now fully compatible with Mac OS 9.1. Previous versions do not work on Mac OS 9.1. Full compatibility with MS Word and TypeIt4Me 4.8.2

If your needs are simple you can still download the more limited version 1.2 from the home page, which is freeware.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Keystrokes runs on any Apple Macintosh and Power Macintosh with a PowerPC or 68020 processor or higher. It requires system 7.1 or later (and has been succesfully tested up to MacOS 9). There is a version available for 68K computers as well as a version accelerated for PowerPC computers.