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Virtual Singer 2.1

file size: 1.03 MB

Virtual Singer makes your computer sing by generating a human voice to process staves with lyrics.

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It is displayed as a new palette within Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant.

Options to configure Virtual Singer include timbre, intonation and the type of voice. You can choose from several voices and languages that can be set to sing at the same time.

Included with the Melody and Harmony programs are sample tunes and a manual.

Melody Assistant v5.3.0 or later, or Harmony Assistant v7.3.0 or later, must already be installed on your computer.

Run the installer and select the Melody or Harmony folder.

A sub-folder called "VirtualSinger" is created by the installer. It must be included in the Melody or Harmony folder, and contains all data required to make your computer sing with Melody or Harmony.

Then, read the Melody or Harmony Assistant user manual (the "Virtual Singer" chapter) to learn how to use the Virtual Singer plug-in.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


During the trial process, each time the application is launched, only a given number of sung-part processings are enabled. When this number is reached, Virtual Singer becomes "voiceless."