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Transcribe 3.0.1

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30 days
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assists in working out the finer points of a recording without having to use cassette tapes, pianos or guitars - just use your trusty Mac.

Transcribe! provides the ability to slow the music without changing its pitch, to analyse chords, and show which notes are present.

Transcribe! features include:

  • Direct reading of MP3 files (you need a reasonably fast machine)
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts for making selections, controlling playback, and more (See "Help - Various Topics - Keyboard Playback Shortcuts" for details.)
  • Chose whether to display the spectrum (View Menu)
  • Chose whether spectrum and/or piano should be shown in new windows (Program Options)
  • Label other notes on the keyboard (not just the C's) (Program Options)

If transcribing music is more work than you want to do, you can just use Transcribe! to listen to music. It doesn't take up much hard drive space and it sounds fine.

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more detailed information.


System requirements: Minimum configuration is System 7.5 running on a Power PC or 68020 with Sound Manager 3. You also need an HTML reader (a Web browser) to read the Help files. Transcribe! help is suppplied as HTML files, like those used on the Internet. Therefore you need a Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator/Navigator or something similar) to read them, even though you aren't actually using the Internet. Web browsers can also be used to browse HTML files locally on your hard disk.