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Musicianship Basics 2.7.1

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Musicianship Basics is music education software designed by music teachers for use in schools, private piano studios and for home learning.

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Sixty graded activities cover basic music theory and ear-training skills for students of all ages in their first three years of training.

Specific skills include:

  • Reading notes in the treble and bass clefs.
  • Matching manuscript notes with keys on a piano.
  • Aural recognition of melodies and rhythms.
  • Aural recognition of scales and common intervals.
  • Recognition of note names and their durations.
  • Review of common Italian terms and music symbols.
  • Recognition of common chords on a manuscript or keyboard.
  • Aural recognition of major and minor tonality.
  • Practical rhythm-tapping exercises.
Many activities use digitized sound to reinforce pitch and rhythm concepts, and no MIDI keyboard is required.

The computer responds with the correct answer after an error. Students learn as they play in a positive and non-threatening way.