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TwilightBrush 2.0.2

file size: 3.91 MB

TwilightBrush is a paradigm-shifting, 48-bit, graphics-editing and art-creating program.

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Classic / OS X
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The power of 48-bit color allows artists to achieve fine-art results quickly and effortlessly, especially with TwilightBrush's radical air-brushing and paint-brushing tools.

TwilightBrush excels at creating Web graphics, eye-popping artwork and illustrations. This tryout will give you a hands-on feel; it's just like using the full product!

However, the tryout version will not be able to save or print your artwork.

TwilightBrush has many features, some of which will take some getting used to. Fortunately, TwilightBrush has a useful, built-in help system. There is a help window which explains all the features of the toolbar, and every brush has an explanation window available to explain what effect the brushes will have on the canvas.

Coming soon to is a set of examples and tricks for using TwilightBrush.


System Requirements: 10 MB of RAM, 80+ MB of RAM recommended. 16-bit color, 32-bit color recommended. PowerMac, G3 recommended.10+ MB of disk space. System 7.5-8.5.