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ChordLab 1.6

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If you've ever wondered how to spell out a C#maj.7/#11 chord, or needed to improve in your harmonic ear training, ChordLab is for you.

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If you've ever needed books to figure out how to play certain chords on your guitar or piano - again, ChordLab is for you.

Have you ever played a certain chord because you liked the sound of it, but could never figure out exactly what it was? ChordLab may be the answer.

ChordLab handles all triads and common seventh chords. Additionally, it shows piano keys, guitar tablature and guitar-chord diagrams.

No more fear of double sharps and flats. ChordLab will take care of it all!

In a sense, ChordLab is a tiny chord calculator. The chords being polled can be displayed in standard voicings, and in any possible inversion.

Several functions are disabled until you register.


ChordLab runs native on all Macintosh computers with system 7 and needs less than 1 meg RAM. QuickTime(TM) 2.0 or higher is needed in order to enable sound. PlainTalk(TM) or MacInTalk is needed to enable speech. Also, sound quality is directly related to the quality of the computers spea