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Tenor 1.7

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Tenor provides the ability to look up chords for tenor guitars and banjos tuned to C-G-D-A or G-D-A-E.

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In the chord library, 17 chord types are supported, with three or four different fingerings for each, depending upon the chord.

To plot a chord diagram, select the root of the chord from the Root menu, and the type of the chord from the Type menu. Then diagram it with the Form 0, 1, 2 and 3 buttons from the tool bar.

Form 0 chords are available for major, minor and dominant 7th chord forms, and are generally the open or common forms of the chord.

Form 1 chords generally have the root on the fourth string.

Form 2 chords generally have the root on the third string, and Form 3 chords generally have the root on the second string.

The Neck Window view provides additional chord look-up functions. This window allows for the browsing of chord fingerings over the neck, and it has a Name-that-Chord function which recognizes 40 different chords in standard and non-standard tunings.

These user-created chord voicings may then be diagramed in the chord editor window.


This program requires either a 68k-based Macintosh with System 7.5 or higher and a 68020, 68030, 68040, or a Power Macintosh with System 7.5 or higher. A color monitor with at least 400 lines is highly recommended. QuickTime (2.5 or later) with the QuickTime Musical Instruments extension is required for sound output.