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Italian Nouns 1.1

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Italian Nouns module is designed to help you practice noun forms and gain skill in the use of the definite article.

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There are more than 20 ways of forming the plurals of nouns in Italian, which is an obstacle for many students.

The Italian Nouns module contains more than 2,000 nouns, complete with English translations. It also includes about 500 examples of the less-common ways of forming the plural in Italian.

Given an opportunity to practice, you soon gain confidence in using words such as banca/banche, lago/laghi, turista/turisti/turiste, and even the plurals of compounds such as cassaforte.

You can also use it for exercises in the gender of nouns ending in -e, and for translation exercises (English-Italian and Italian-English), and as a mini-dictionary.

Supplementary information is provided for some entries, and you can add your own notes. You can also edit or delete existing entries, or add extra nouns.

A built-in "noun generator" supplies the correct plural form and definite articles for nouns that you add to the module. You can record sound, and you can perform exercises based on sound.

The translations are in British-English; American-English equivalents are included so far as possible.


    Italian Nouns is intended to be used with the Verbs & Nouns application found in this section, version 1.5 or later.