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French-English Dictionary 4.2

file size: 2.34 MB

Ultra Lingua French-English Dictionary includes nearly 250,000 indexed items and more than 100,000 translations.

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Classic / OS X
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A valuable tool for the world traveler.

Features include:

  • Nearly 250,000 indexed items, including over a 100,000 translations, and tens of thousands of secondary entries.
  • Indications of literary, slang, and vulgar usage, and indications for usage (including synonyms, accompanying prepositions, general categories, and more).
  • Thousands of technical terms.
  • The addition of grammatical notes concerning irregular forms for thousands of entries (plurals, past participles, future stems, etc.).
  • The marking of British and American usage and spelling.
  • A reverse-translation feature, which helps show how various choices translate back into the departure language (an essential tool for zeroing in on the right word or expression).
  • English pronunciation by voice synthesis.
  • Drag-and-drop, allowing you to drag words between Ultra Lingua and other applications.
  • Fully network-ready.
  • A comprehensive on-line grammar reference for both French and English.
  • Tables showing translations of numbers, expressions of time, geographical terms, as well as samples of correspondence.
  • And, it uses surprisingly little memory.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.