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Kanji Safari 1.0.2

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Kanji Safari is a fun and addictive Kana and Kanji learning game for up to four players.

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It can be used by students just starting Japanese who need to learn Hiragana and Katakana (the Japanese phonetic alphabets), or more advanced students who already know a range of Kanji characters (the more complex characters derived from Chinese).

Each character in the Hiragana and Katakana tile sets comes with native Japanese pronunciation, so you can learn the sounds of the Kana as you learn to recognize how they are written.

Each Kanji in the Kanji tile sets includes the Kanji character itself (drawn in a beautiful calligraphic style), it's English meaning and it's primary Kana readings.

Kanji Safari thus includes all the key information you need to learn Japanese characters effectively.

Kanji Safari is also very easy to set up and play. You can use it as a simple matching game to reinforce your Japanese Kana and Kanji skills (by leaving the play area uncovered), or play challenging multiplayer games with your friends, which will test your memory to the limit.

This makes Kanji Safari a superb learning tool for students and schools, since you can use it for self-study on your laptop or home computer, or let up to four students use the same computer to play in the school language lab.