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Fractal Designer 2.0.1

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Fractal Designer is a program that allows you to generate magnificent pictures based on fractal algorithms.

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The main feature that distinguishes this program from other similar products is that it contains a little interpreter that allows you to directly modify the algorithm. This allows you to not only explore the classical Mandelbrot and Julia sets, but also create your own algorithms to explore pictures created by attractors of a map of the type xn+1 = f(xn,z,c) x0 = f(z,c) where z is the current location on the screen and c is a constant.

For the Mandelbrot set, for example, the algorithm is xn+1 = xn2+ z x0 = 0, and the only attractor point is infinity.

The most known examples of such fractals are the Mandelbrot set(f(c,z) = 0 and g(x,z,c) = x^2 + z) and Julia sets (f(c,z) = z and g(x,z,c) = x^2 + c).

With Fractal Designer, it is possible to reproduce those pictures, but it is also possible to explore various other functions, thanks to the integrated interpreter.

In order to gain speed, it is also possible to compile an algorithm and call it from the program.