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Yes I Can (Internet Demo) 1.0

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Yes I Can!

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is an interactive series of computer programs for early learners and special education students.

It is designed to improve a child's visual, auditory, communicative and cognitive skills.

The programs teach basic mathematics concepts and pre-reading skills.

The large, colorful pictures and graphics, as well as the verbal prompts, encourage even the hardest-to-reach child to make eye contact, listen and follow directions.

The program requires active participation and improves self esteem. The series teaches cause and effect, decision making, problem solving and task completion. It also helps children develop a sense of time and order.

For the teacher or parent, preferences allow them to adjust various settings according to the child's needs. The program can also help track progress by recording and printing scores for later review.


System Requirements: -MacOS computer (Apple or clone) with at least: -68040 or any PowerPC processor -8MB RAM under System 7.5, or 16MB under MacOS 8 -170+ MB of free hard drive space, or 20x or faster CD-ROM drive. -CD-ROM drive -System 7.5 or greater -QuickTime 2.0 or greater -monitor capable of 256 or more colors at 640x480 resolution -also, a touchscreen is recommended, but not required.