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The Talking Spelling Bee 4.0.2

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The Talking Spelling Bee uses the Macintosh Text To Speech voices to speak words for you to spell out by clicking the letters on the colorful keyboard-style answer board.

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The Speech Manager accurately pronounces the words and then asks you to spell them. It even flashes the word on the screen so you get a quick look at the spelling.

Twelve customizable word banks are available in which you can store words. You can quickly switch between word banks to access different grades and reading levels. The Talking Spelling Bee works for ages four through adult.

The Talking Spelling Bee also lets you print a variety of tests based on the word list. No two tests will ever be the same. In addition, it combines four programs into one: Letter By Letter, Complete Word, Spelling Test and Unscramble. Each program provides a variety of challenges.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


System requirements are: a Macintosh with a 68020 or greater processor, system 7.0 or later, 4MB of RAM or more, Apple's Speech Manager, a minimum screen resolution of 640x 480 and 256 colors.