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MasterGear 1.4

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The Sega Master System was an 8-bit cartridge-based gaming platform that preceded the Sega Genesis.

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Although technically superior to the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega lost the marketing war, and the Sega Master System was left with few titles.

However, by an odd coincidence, Sega's newer Game Gear is actually cross-compatible with the Master System.

This has enabled Game Gear games to work with the Sega Master System emulators, with only minor changes.

MasterGear plays Sega Master System and Game Gear titles just as if they were being played on the original systems. This release is compatible with the Japanese precursors to the SMS, SG1000 and SC3000, and it fixes several glitches found in previous versions.

This version also supports InputSprocket, RAVE mode and GZ-compressed ROM.