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Eliza 6.0.1

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Eliza is a sort of computerized therapist.

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Classic / OS X
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Eliza is a sort of computerized therapist. Using your choice of Mac voices and a female or male character, you can carry on a loopy conversation with your Mac. Just type in a statement or question, and Eliza responds in a loosely related way, sort like a magic 8 ball, but with more details.

With a large vocabulary, Eliza is able to formulate an almost limitless number of responses - can you formulate a limitless number of statements and questions? Here's your chance to try. By the way, Eliza also functions as a simple text editor, just in case you need to make notes of your own.

Please read the documentation for much more detailed information and instructions.


Eliza requires a Mac or Mac-compatible computer running System 6.0.7 or later. It may work with 6.0.3 or later. To use the speech facility, you need to install Apple's PlainTalk (Speech Manager). The old Macintalk is no longer supported. Eliza runs fine without the Speech Manager but, of course, loses the speech capabilities, and where's the fun in that? Eliza is 32-bit clean, System 7 compatible, 68040 cache compatible, virtual memory compatible, big-screen compatible and Apple-Event aware. It also recognizes extended keyboard keys.