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CussEm 1.0

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CussEm is easy to use; if it were difficult, you would be cussing and not laughing.

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The Gender Menu allows you to cuss at either a male or female. Whichever you choose, the Gender menu will determine which names will appear in the pop-up list and you will have a separate list of adjectives for each gender.

The Tense Menu gives you the choice in time (past, present or future) when the adjective best applies to the person you are cussing.

The Name pop-up displays the list of the selected gender from the Gender menu. You can add a name to the list by selecting "Other..." from the choices. The name that you enter will be added to the top of the list. The list will hold up to 20 names. Once you have 20 names in your list, the name on the bottom will be deleted.

The Number of Adjectives pop-up lists the most adjectives that you can use. If your insult list contains fewer than 20 insults, the number of insults on your list will be available in the pop-up. Your sentence will randomly select from the adjective list. Remember that both sexes have their own adjective lists.

Speak and Voice allows you to have the Speech Manager and usual Mac Voices installed in order to use the Speak button. The Speak function will not work if your System Folder is named something other than "System Folder." CussEm will look for them at startup and disable this feature if not found. Only the voices found will be available in the popup menu.

The Insult List window lets you enter an insult in the top field and press return. The name will be added to the list and sorted. Delete an item by option-clicking on the item in the list in the field on the bottom.

Also, it appears that you may actually be able to add praise options to the program, which seems unlikely, since the name of the program is CussEm.

Hopefully, using CussEm will help relieve your tension and anxiety. It's certainly cheepter than seeing a shrink.

Note: In order to quit, you have to use the keyboard command+q - if you go to File and Quit, it says "Can't understand 'let's quit.'" No doubt, this is the author's idea of a joke on the user. However, if you're new to using a Mac, you might not know about command+q. This situation could lead to a new level of cussing, and you might be tempted to add the author's name to the list of people you would like to insult.


According to the author: "CussEm is laughware. It is hereby understood you will agree to send $10.00 if both of the following occur: (1) You laughed even once while experiencing CussEm, and (2) you decided to keep CussEm after having laughed." So, I guess it is up to you if you want to pay. If you find the program amusing and stress-relieving, then it is probably only fair to pay the 10 bucks - just think of all the money you're saving on going to a shrink.