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SimpleSong 1.8

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SimpleSong allows you to easily write songs for your Macintosh to sing and lets you choose one of the famous (infamous?) Mac voices to do it.

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Songs written with SimpleSong can also be sung using any text-to-speech-style application, such as SimpleText.

Almost any Mac user can listen to the songs you've written, and won't they be thrilled about that! Other possible uses for SimpleSong include:

  • The ability to send singing e-mail messages to your friends, family and (especially) your enemies
  • The ability to add a synthetic vocal to electronic or acoustic music
  • The ability to surprise your co-workers at your next dull meeting with an original song, sung by Zarvox
The author has also included some nice examples to help you get started.


This program requires System 7.1 or newer, 5 MB application RAM, PPC 601 processor or faster, and Apple's Speech Manager (part of system software) and "Macintalk 3" voices. Please note: On some computers the default 5 MB application RAM allotted for SimpleSong may not be enough. In those cases, "out of memory" or error messages may appear. The solution is to increase the amount of memory available to the program. You can do this by selecting SimpleSong's icon in the Finder and then selecting "Get Info" from the File menu. Also, try changing the number in the "Preferred Size" box to 6000 or more, if necessary.