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Simpsons Cartoon Studio Player 1.1

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With Simpsons Cartoon Player you can play cartoons created by others, or even some you have created yourself using the Simpsons Cartoon Studio.

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With color and sound, the easy-to-operate player is fun to use and share with others.

Just open the player then click Open to choose one of the pre-created cartoons that have been downloaded, or open one of your own. Click the right-pointing hand at the bottom of the screen and sit back and enjoy the show.

Loading Cartoons downloaded from the home site into the Player: It is recommended that you copy or download the cartoons to the same folder or directory as the Cartoon Player, so you can load them by clicking on the OPEN button, and then selecting a cartoon. If the cartoons are elsewhere on your hard drive, you will have to change the path in the dialog box

For more information, please read the documentation.


Requirements: 68030 33MHz Macintosh or higher; 8MB RAM minimum; 640 X 480 display resolution or higher; 256 Colors; 1mb or more of free hard disk space; System 7.0 or later.