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C.DEV Thunder Dome: Shock Therapy 1.0

file size: 2.84 MB

Thunder Dome: Shock Therapy features beautiful, 32-bit graphics designed solely for the game by Layne Karkruff of BlueSkyHeart Graphics.

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QuickTime technology is used extensively to provide stereo sound effects.

Four large, colored buttons glow in a sequence and it's your job to repeat the sequence by pressing the correct number of buttons in the correct order.

First, click the middle green button to begin the game. One large colored button glows and sounds its corresponding tone. Move your mouse cursor over that button and click once. The button will glow and play the same tone. Guess what? You just got 10 points and mastered the basic game play of Thunder Dome: Shock Therapy.

The four graphite buttons, located around the four large colored buttons in the middle, are extremely important. You can't ever achieve a significant score without using these buttons. During the time that the game is waiting for you to enter your sequence, one of the graphite buttons will glow white, for a very brief time, and display one of 12 symbols, indicating a bonus or penalty. If one of these buttons lights up, you must quickly click it with your mouse.

Of course, you don't want to click on any of the penalties, so you'll have to either have very good reflexes, or tremendous luck. Doing this might break your concentration and cause you to forget the sequence you were entering, but that's the risk you take for thousands and thousands of extra points.

Unregistered copies will only let you play up to the end of round 5. After that, the thunder sound will play and you will be presented with the registration dialog.

Please read the documentation for more information.