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Cobra Gunship 1.3.3

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This is no mere remake.

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Cobra Gunship is a completely new game, taking advantage of fast processors and fast video to provide an immersive gaming experience.

You, our intrepid hero, pilot an AH-1A Cobra helicopter at the behest of the Small Country Alliance, a coalition of Middle East countries joined to fight the invading Mercenary Alliance which seeks to take control of their oil fields.

After completing a mission assignment and foiling the advances of the Mercenary Alliance, you can upgrade your chopper with more advanced armor and weapons in anticipation of yet more formidable enemy forces.

Cobra Gunship features many mission objectives, ranging from destroying enemy forces to rescuing stranded troops to protecting friendly buildings. The missions need not be completed in a strict linear order - at any one time there are typically several fronts on which the Small Country Alliance needs your help.