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Descent 3 2.0

file size: 38.24 MB

Descent 3 will arrive fully optimized for Internet play over a modem!

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Remember the intuitive simplicity of Descent 1 and 2 network play? Now it's THAT EASY to battle hoards of Descent fanatics around the world.

20 methods of destruction are available from the Flame Thrower to the Black Shark. You need not show mercy as you crush an enemy by setting them on fire and watching them suffer!

Descent 3's all new Fusion Engine allows the action to race on at full speed. All objects have mass, velocity, moments of inertia and other real-world properties. You can blow off a robot's arm and watch it bounce off a wall and fall to the floor. Launch a missile and see your enemies rocked back from the blast impact.

Now you can even lurk in the shadows and sneak up on your enemies. The specular reflective surfaces also allow for incredible special effects.

Descent 3 has over 30 new robots, from bold and brutal to cautious and shy, these virally infected bots use their brains as well as their bullets. Robots attack and defend in teams; they also summon backup help, retreat, hide and sometimes just sweep the floor.


Requirements met by most iMACs and all blue and white G3 computers should satisfy this game, including 233 MHz Macintosh or faster, MacOS 8.0 or higher, 32 MB RAM, 300 MB Hard Disk Space, 6X CD-ROM Drive or faster, and Video Card 3Dfx (Voodoo) or ATI (Rage 128, Rage Pro with 6 MB). The authors recommend 64 MB RAM, a Joystick, and an Internet or LAN connection for multi-player gaming.