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Droids 1.5

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Droids is an updated strategy game based on the classic Mac game of Daleks.

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30 days
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Two versions of the game are included: the great classic you've come to know and love, and a much more strategically advanced and enhanced version.

As you battle your way through the many and varied levels, the androids get smarter and smarter and more technologically advanced. You'll have to come up with ever more clever and ingenious ways to "retire" them. Along the way, you'll get some help from other members of the Jayhawk Clan, but it is ultimately up to you to become the Savior of Terra.


This game requires a A minimal system configuration consisting of System 7.0 or greater, a 68020 processor or better (68030 recommended), a monitor supporting 256 colors or greys (color is definitely recommended), a screen resolution of 640 x 480 or bigger, Sound Manager 3.0 or greater, 5 Meg of available RAM, and 1.5 Meg of hard drive space.