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Legendary Lair 1.0.1

file size: 4.38 MB

Legendary Lair lets you play the role of a character trying to get past a variety of monsters through computer-generated dungeons.

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30 days
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Sometimes, the monsters even fight with each other. The game includes built-in monster and object editors, auto-mapping, and random game play. Create your own monsters and characters.

Choose your weapons wisely and your moves judiciously. Weapons and objects include: melee weapons, missiles, suits of armor, helmets, shields, rings, potions, scrolls, wands and traps. The game engine provides the player and monsters with 44 spells and capabilities. Also available is a library of 250 digitized sounds that can be assigned to monsters and/or items. Some game features are disabled until it is registered.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Requirements: Power Macintosh using a Power PC 601, 603, 604, G3, or G4 processor; minimum of 22 MB of free random access memory, 24 MB recommended; Macintosh OS 7.6.1 or greater; minimum of 15 MB of free hard disk space for initial installation - additional user-generated monster and item libraries can occupy up to 13 MB for each file; color monitor capable of displaying at least 256 colors at a resolution of 640 X 480 or greater (13-inch monitor or better).

Legendary Lair cannot be played from a CD-ROM disk or any other form of locked media.