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Henge: The Celtic Game of Stones 1.0.4

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In Henge: The Celtic Game of Stones, you are required to click on matching stones to get them removed from the play area.

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Continue removing stones until all of them are gone and you've won.

Within the game is an explanation for how to remove stones, which is more complicated than it appears. Play involves skill, strategy and a little luck.

The stones are decorated in a variety of designs and colors that make game play even more appealing. But be careful. That design that you think matches that other stone might not.

The 12 game levels are numbered, with Game 1 of the stone puzzles being the easiest.

In the demo, only Game 1 can be played. If you attempt to access a higher level, the registration message appears.

Still, enjoy the demo and decide if you would like to try the other levels.