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TextToHTML 1.3.4b

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TextToHTML quickly converts text or RTF files dropped onto its icon into HTML format.

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With TextToHTML you can set up a basic WWW structure in 15 minutes, starting from scratch. When converting multiple text, RTF or HTML files at once, it also creates an HTML index file with links to those files, complete with graphical bullets if necessary. It can also automatically include images when they are present. (RTF = Rich Text Format, used by several word processors; HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language, used for formatting documents on the WWW = World Wide Web). Try the accompanying demo setup first: in the Finder, drop the icon of the folder Drop me on TextToHTML onto the icon of TextToHTML 1.3.3_, and, when requested, save index.html in the folder Save "index.html" in here. Use your favorite browser to look at the result by opening index.html with it. Please read the enclosed documentation for further information.