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Muwse 2.2.2

file size: 1.87 MB

With Muwse, you can write HTML files in any language and easily create multilingual Web sites.

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Trial Period:
20 Days
Classic / OS X
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It has full unicode support and a built-in professional HTML editor. Muwse means Multilingual Unicode Web Site editor.

Muwse features include:

    Automatic language selection. Drag-and-drop text into the Unisite window and the HTML becomes multilingual.
  • Multilingual Find feature. You can find text in any language with Unisite.
  • Text Clip is available as a template to easily handle sets of HTML tags.
  • Numerous unicode editing functions. Compulsory unicode conversion, unicode paste, language conversion, and more.
  • Web-browser preview. You can preview your documents in a Web browser with a single click.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


System requirements: Hardware and memory: PowerMacintosh with 2MB space of memory; 10 MB or more of space on the hard drive. MacOS 8.0 or later; Text Encoding Converter 1.31 or later (version 1.5 is recommended). For multilingual: Each Language Kit or localized version of MacOS is installed. (Unisite does not include any Language Kit of Apple Computer Inc.).