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VSE Link Tester 3.2.1

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Webmasters know that one of the biggest problems associated with maintaining a Web site is keeping all the hyperlinks updated and free of errors.

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One usually finds out about a broken link when a visitor complains. For every person who complains, there are a multitude of others who just give up on the site out of frustration.

The effectiveness of the Web site is impaired and becomes worse if these problems aren't fixed. Bad links and malfunctioning site features cost page impressions, customers and respect.

VSE Link Tester helps Mac users to fix these errors before they harm their online business.

Version 3.2 offers several speed optimizations, displays the location of broken links, is more concrete, and fixes a bug which caused a crash with a few Web sites.


System requirements: Mac OS System 7.5 or higher; 4 MB free RAM; 68k or PPC processor (including iMac, G3, G4).