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MacPing 3.0.4

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Just as sonar or radar systems send a signal and wait for an echo, MacPing sends "probe packets" (ICMP or AppleTalk echo packets) into the network and waits for responses from the various devices on the network.

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The arrival of these response packets (or the lack of responses), along with the time the responses take to arrive, can tell a great deal about the network.

MacPing differs from other network-testing programs in that it tests all the devices on a particular network in parallel. This allows you to compare the performance of different devices on the same wire to determine the cause of network problems.

MacPing can test devices anywhere on your AppleTalk network - simply choose the desired zone from the Zone popup menu. If that zone contains multiple networks, choose the desired network number from the Network popup.

MacPing can also test IP networks. You can enter a host name or IP address, and MacPing will test that device.

In addition, MacPing can automatically determine a host's subnet and test all the devices on that subnet.

Please read the documentation for more information.


MacPing requires a Macintosh computer with a network connection running System 6 or later. For monitoring IP devices, MacPing requires MacTCP (version 2.0.6 or newer) or Open Transport (version 1.1 or newer). MacPing requires only 600Kbytes of RAM to run.