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ClockSync II 1.4.1

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If you have two or more Macintoshes, you probably notice that the clocks drift apart as time goes by.

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ClockSync II synchronizes the clocks between two Macintoshes by setting the clock of "servant" Macintosh to be the same as the clock of "master" Macintosh.

While it's a big help if you have just two or three Macintoshes, it can be a real lifesaver on big networks.

ClockSync II is comprised of two components: the ClockSync II Master resides on the "Master" time server. The Servant component is run on any Macintosh on the same network to synchronize the clock to that of the Master.

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more information.


ClockSync II requires several special setup steps, to ensure that the ClockSync II servants can access the ClockSync II Master. Please follow the setup steps in Chapter 2 of the manual, or use the included AppleGuide for step-by-step instructions. Requirements: System 6.0.7 or later (filesharing required); Master needs Internet connection for time server access .