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Squeak 3.0

file size: 12.19 MB

Squeak is a SmallTalk 80 system that performs several functions.

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Using the Smalltalk 80 programming language, this program supports sound, graphics and networking. I spent some time clicking through the program and found that it offers a variety of options, but I didn't have time to check everything. It includes The Squeak Virtual Machine, graphics, sound and music, Internet tools, games, faces and speech.

Features include:

  • Real-time sound and music synthesis.
  • Extensions of BitBlt to handle color of any depth and anti-alias image rotation and scaling
  • Network access support that allows simple construction of servers and other useful facilities
  • It runs bit identical on many platforms
  • It has a compact object format that typically requires only a single word of overhead per object
  • It hasa simple, efficient incremental garbage collector for 32-bit direct pointers and efficient bulk-mutation of objects

For more information, including on later updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.