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Infinity Model Builder 1.1

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Infinity Model Builder is a free powerful 3-D editor designed to create and edit object files with real-time rendering through the Infinity 3D Rave engine.

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Infinity Model Builder can import the meshes contained in 3DMF files, modify them (position, rotation, scale ...), add colors or textures and save the result as a standard Infinity MetaFile. Infinity Model Builder was developed from the ground up as a real-time editor and is based on the Infinity 3D engine. As a consequence, it is the fastest 3-D tool available on the Mac platform, even on low-end PowerMacs. Powerful features include: *high-precision (1/100 of second) sequencer with linear or quaternion interpolation, *linking, *skeleton-based mesh deformation, *hi-quality QuickTime compressed textures, *texture transparency, *vertex-based transparency, *Gouraud, Lambert and pseudo-Phong shading, *support for multiple audio tracks, *a vertex per vertex texture mapping editor, *rotoscoping, *multiple texture sets and *cameras.

Infinity Model Builder is not a 3-D modeler, because it does not allow you to create meshes. Infinity Model Builder allows you to edit and modify any 3-D model included with the game WaterRace. You can also use Model Builder to create 3-D models you can include in the terrains you build with Infinity Terrain Builder, the 3D terrain editor available for free from French Touch.


Hardware requirements: Minimal configuration: Power Macintosh PCI with a 832x624 screen, but the Rave software engine provided by QuickDraw 3D Rave will probably be too slow for real-time editing. Best configuration: a G3 (all G3 Power Macintoshes have ATI 3D chips on board) with 4Mb of VRAM or a PowerMacintosh PCI with a 3D accelerator card (with at least 4Mb of VRAM) which is Rave compliant, and a 1024x768 screen.


    Software requirements: Model Builder requires MacOS 7.1 or later. MacOS 8.5 is highly recommended. Model Builder QuickTime and the Appearance Manager. Model Builder does not require QuickDraw 3D to run, but only Rave: the QuickDraw