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Mike's Edge 1.1

file size: 1.95 MB

Mike's Edge does one thing: It makes image masks, or transparencies.

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Classic / OS X
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Using Mike's Edge, you decide what pixels from an image will appear and what ones won't.

The final image can be used on the Web, in videos or in print.

Mike's Edge features:

  • Imports Photoshop, GIF, TIFF, PICT, and JPEG files and imports embedded clipping path/mask
  • Exports Photoshop, GIF, EPS, PICT, and Illustrator paths
  • Automates color-indexing and transparent color for GIF export
  • Provides a full range of mask defining tools including wand, lasso, and clever pencil-style tool to literally draw pixels off or on
  • Handles bitmaps, grayscale, indexed, RGB, and CMYK images
  • Allows unlimited undo/redo

In addition, PostScript users get:

  • An export clipping path to Photoshop and PostScript with smoothing options ranging from 100% exact to broad bezier curves
  • An EPS export that allows placement in desktop publishers and other applications while keeping the clipping path intact
  • A Photoshop export that allows post-processing while keeping the clipping path intact
  • And many PostScript options, including binary/hex, RGB to CMYK conversion, and color separations