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RealCADD 3.50

file size: 2.18 MB

RealCADD is a CAD (computer-aided design) software application with many of the features that commercial programs contain: Quotation tools, automatic snap-to functions, hatch, layers, and more.

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Classic / OS X
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Features included with RealCADD:

  • The tool pallet lets you choose a drawing tool to work with. These include two drawing modes, zoom, lasso, line color and thickness, dotted or plain single or double lines, arrow lines, and more.
  • Snap-to options: to grid, to object ends, to object centers, to object intersections, to perpendicular and to tangent.
  • The object edit pallet shows you the coordinates of the selected object. You can also modify objects with values or arithmetics formulas. This pallet also indicates the number of selected objects as well as their scale.
  • Layers can be named, have default scale and color, and be hidden or visible. You can select objects either on the active layer only or all layers.

    For more detailed information, including updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.