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QTdj 1.1

file size: 3.93 MB

QTdj is a multi-track MP3 player that includes the following features:

  • Pitch (synced lines and unsynced)
  • Fade in/out/over
  • Delay (multi-track)
  • Programmable playlist with effects; effects can be automatically applied over a predefined duration
  • Cross-application drag-and-drop
  • Supports all QuickTime formats
  • Auto-generates playlists via record function
  • Supports full screen and windows for all resolutions

According to the documentation, you are supposed to be able to add skins you've created, "Drop the skinfile into the folder "Skins" which ought to be located in the same folder as the QTdj application.

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Launch QTdj; go to the Preferecnes panel; select the last tab "Appearance" and click on choose (there is no "choose" to click on). You will be presented with a dialog to choose a skin, the picture file you just created. That's it, as soon as you click on OK your player window will have the new skin.

Unfortunately, while testing this program, we discovered that, although you may be able to make skins with some other program, it doesn't appear that QTdj is prepared to add them. You can put them into the "Skins" folder, but when you open the preferences, the "Appearance" option is the third tab, not the last (no problem with that). There is no "Choose" option to click on. Obviously, without being able to choose a skin, you won't be able to change the appearance of the player. Maybe this problem will be fixed in a future version.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


The unregistered version won't let you put more than five songs in any list. Requirements: MacOS 8.1 to Mac OS 9.x; 32 MB RAM; QuickTime 4.x; G3 processor.