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NetBarrier X3 10.3

file size: 7.49 MB

This firewall protects and monitors all incoming and outgoing data.

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Trial Period:
30 Days
Classic / OS X
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A customized mode allows you to create your own defense rules, offering a secure level of protection.NetBarrier's Antivandal blocks all attempts to break into your computer, detects wrong passwords and logs vandal attacks. It also has an alarm to inform you of every intrusion attempt.

The Internet filter analyzes data as it leaves your computer and prevents unauthorized exporting of private information such as credit card numbers, passwords and sensitive data. The Internet privacy function helps maintain your privacy, giving you control over cookies, blocking ad banners and blocking spam before you download it. It also helps cover your tracks by refusing to give out personal information.


For pricing information, see the author's home page. The version on the store site is 1.5.1, while the download here is version 2.0.3.