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MacSentry 1.0.1

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MacSentry prevents outsiders from gaining access to your computer.

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It hides the desktop and applications by placing a dialog box on the screen that requires a valid password.

If an unauthorized user tries to access your computer with an incorrect password, MacSentry keeps a record and notifies you. If for some reason somebody does manage to get through, MacSentry provides a warning that it was quit incorrectly as a way of letting you know that a breach of security occurred.

IMPORTANT: To get started with MacSentry, you need to know a few things:

  • The default password for MacSentry is a blank return. If you click the OK button immediately after launching MacSentry for the first time, it will accept that as the correct password and dismiss the dialog.
  • To set up your own password, click the lock button (lower left of the dialog). Then enter your new password in the password field and click the Save button (or click the lock button again to cancel). Be sure not to forget your password!
  • To change the password in the future, you must enter your current password in the password field before clicking the lock button.

Please read the manual included in the MacSentry folder for much more detailed information and instructions. Or, visit the home page.


MacSentry is fully compatible with Mac OS 8's Appearance Manager, which means you get a consistent user interface as well as the ability to switch themes. Because of this, MacSentry requires Mac OS 8 or higher. To have MacSentry launch at startup, simply place an alias of MacSentry in the Startup Items folder inside your system folder.