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MMS (Magix Messaging System) Webmail 1.1

file size: 1.30 MB

MMS (Magix Messaging System) Webmail is CGI software.

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30 days
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It works with Stalker's SIMS and other Web servers providing Web mail service for POP3 accounts.

Features include:

  • Compatible with Stalker's SIMS account files, using SIMS as POP3/SMTP server and multiple-domain hosting support (works with SIMS)
  • Supports SIMS account hierarchy system.
  • Multilingual interface ready
  • The interface may be customized for each host to provide "brand"
  • Contains a personal address book
  • You can substitute a nickname (shortcut) in the address book to full e-mail or mail list while sending message
  • Searchable global address book, view other e-mail addresses under the same host
  • Works as a CGI, performs in the background, and is compatible with many Web servers
  • Built-in database to store users' accounts and messages
  • A simple chat function for online users
  • The documentation contains more details on other features

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more information and instructions.